Welcome to my site!

You will be here because you probably know me and know how crazy I am about animals and birds. 

You may not know that I'm currently battling Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer. Having said that though this work is one of the things that is keeping me alive! It's been three years now with chemo and radiotherapy and regular blood tests and its been gruelling and mentally challenging. 


I'd like to show you our wildlife - whether it be in my artworks or in my photography. I began photographing animals and birds over thirty years ago with a little point-and-shoot digital camera. Now with a "slightly" bigger lens and in my well moments, I'm getting out and about a bit more and taking advantage!! Tough times for all right now with Covid19 ravaging the world, and here in Melbourne we are in lockdown and I'm seeing this is an opportunity to update and fix this site and do a little art....


To me, animals and birds are number one on my list of favourite but really challenging subjects. The landscape art stemmed from wanting to know more about the locations I visit and being inspired by some of my friends. Here's just a small selection so you can begin to see how passionate I am about my chosen subjects. Enjoy....



Wildlife ART

Here you will find some of my work over the last short while


Landscape ART

Here you will find some of my landscapes mostly in pastel and charcoal



I've been a mad keen wildlife photographer for a long time now so here are some of my latest works.


Rochford LR desktop 72 no text-9696.jpg

Here are some of my ramblings from trips and other excursions mostly related to art and wildlife. Of course!