I was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, where the weather can change in an instant. I'm lucky that when it's cold and wet or blisteringly hot, I can retreat to my comfortable little studio in my backyard. But when the weather is fine you will find me out and about with my brilliant dog Harry or trekking around the countryside with my long suffering partner Pete. I'm a bit of a zoo junkie and have visited many around the world. But I occasionally get to venture further to exotic places where birds and wildlife are the primary calling card. I also have intrepid friends who have been more than happy to travel with me, so I've been very lucky. One of my most exciting trips was to Borneo to see the Orang Utan. 

I have no formal training in art (or photography for that matter) but I belong to several art societies where I can nurture my passion. My art work hangs around the world in places like Canada, the UK and Germany. As I have a particular passion for Aussie wildlife, the odd Koala or colourful Aussie bird artwork has travelled far. It's great to feel that some people enjoy these creatures as much as me. This is a fantastic way to promote conversation and Conservation (with a capital C). I work mostly in pastel and charcoal and graphite. 

I've said this for a long time now, but I think that wildlife are the "canary down the mine" for the planet, meaning that if the caged canary dies in a mine, it means there is not enough air for human survival. The canary no longer needs to be down a mine. They are dying and so is our precious planet. 

I really hope you enjoy what I have produced here. Feel free to make contact with me and as long as it's about art or wildlife, I'll write you back. 

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